Job Developer

Department: Workforce Development Department (WDD)
Reports to: Business & Employment Manager
Status: Non-Exempt


Under the direction of the Business & Employment Manager, the Job Developer will work with a staff team, key partners, and employers to assist adult jobseekers within vulnerable populations (e.g. veterans, disabled, re-entry, homeless) to develop job readiness skills, enter and maintain placement within living-wage careers. The Job Developer will work to strengthen the local workforce sectors by increasing the employability and placement opportunities of jobseekers while simultaneously cultivating business relationships and providing employers with skilled applicants. Upon career placement, they will provide participants with follow-up services for oneyear after exit, close all cases, and coordinate with career coaches to ensure streamlined and timely services. The Job Developer will execute a coordinated, client-employer focused approach within the Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) model that positively impacts the jobseeker, employer, organization, and community at-large. The Job Developer will track and document all services provided to clients and employers as well as progress towards all grant outcomes. They will also enter, organize, and maintain accurate data, reporting, and main files for all participants to successfully meet all grant outcomes. The Job Developer will coordinate and collaborate with all WDD staff, other departments within CRCD, and outside partners/employers to ensure effective and streamlined services and delivery. The Job Developer will also support the organization’s 5-year strategic plan and work closely with management to ensure alignment and consistent progress towards those goals.

  •  40% of time will be providing job-readiness hard skill development services such as resume prep, placement, retention, and follow-up services for jobseekers 1-year after exit
  • 40% of time cultivating and maintaining employer partnerships leading to living wage jobs from direct placements, hiring events, etc. as well connecting with various employer networks
  • 15% of efforts will be dedicated to entering, organizing, and maintaining accurate data, reporting, and main files for all participants aligned and leading towards successful grant outcomes, including administrative and compliance responsibilities
  • 5% of time will support management and the entire WDD team with assessment, planning, and improvement of the service delivery model and its execution
  1. Utilize various recruitment strategies, including social media and virtual platforms, to engage the community, partners, and other CRCD departments to recruit and intake adult jobseekers within various vulnerable populations (e.g. veterans, re-entry, disabled, homeless) into WorkSource Center services.
  2. Provide approximately 100+ adult jobseekers with career planning job-readiness (hard skills) training; placement support into high growth industries; employment retention and follow-up services one-year after exit; and final case closure.
  3. Track and organize weekly to quarterly all job-readiness training, placement, retention, and follow-up services case notes and outcomes progress on CalJOBS/Salesforce platforms, including within internal tracking sheets
  4. Create/implement job-readiness services/workshops such as resume writing, mock interviews, computer literacy, etc. via in-person, virtual, and social media platforms on a weekly basis to meet the needs of the 21st century workforce.
  5. Implement various placement strategies on a weekly basis with jobseekers such as direct placements, on-the-job training (OJT), job fairs, targeted local hire, prescreening and matching with employer referrals, etc.
  6.  Achieve dozens of job placements monthly with fluctuation according to grant deliverables
  7. Outreach, engage, cultivate relationships among businesses & employers weekly.
  8.  Create relationships with employers in various high growth industries such as construction, transportation, hospitality, clean energy, etc. and coordinate placement of qualified candidates
  9. Maintain files for all business services provided (e.g. employer files) such as business needs assessment forms, clients referrals, etc. within specific data systems, including but not limited to internal databases, spreadsheets, ETO, Salesforce and CalJOBs
  10. Gather, organize, and post job leads, recruitment events, hiring employers, job fairs, etc. on a consistent basis via hard copy and virtual/social media platforms
  11. Organize business service displays within the WorkSource Center locations
  12. Facilitate weekly to monthly case conferencing for participant caseload amongst the staff team and key partners to ensure adequate service delivery and monitor progress towards all grant outcomes.
  13. Oversee referrals for small businesses services to Business Source Center and other gov’t and community-based-organizations who can support the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners
  14.  Initiates and participates within employer work groups, round tables, chambers of commerce, business corridors and other initiatives in appropriate targeted sectors.
  15. Help lead monthly/quarterly advisory council meetings with employers who serve as advisors for CRCD’s Workforce Development Department (WDD)
  16. Complete weekly/monthly/quarterly reports to provide the organizational leadership with ongoing grant progress and success.
  17. (Co)Facilitate weekly to monthly case conferencing for participant caseload amongst the staff team and key partners to ensure adequate service delivery and progress towards all grant outcomes.
  18. Complete, maintain, and self-audit all employer files, and employment services documentation, including daily/weekly tracking of job-readiness services, and progress towards outcomes.
  19. Understand and follow the Integrated Service Delivery model, and collaborate with Career Coaches to ensure coordinated services and the smooth transition of participants from skills development and training to employment services through follow-up
  20. Work with all other service delivery staff within WDD, management, other CRCD
    departments, and grant partners to provide quality services to participants and meet
    grant deliverables
  21.  Be flexible in a rotating work schedule at times when service delivery requires it
    such as during recruitment activities, which can include evening and weekend work
  22. Be able to work with and co-locate at local grant partner facilities for portions of caseload
  23. Maintain professional boundaries and a positive work environment with all participants, staff, partners, supporters, and collaborators.
  24. Handle all client concerns, complaints, feedback, and recommendations promptly and with professionalism and with the support of the staff team as needed.
  25. Participate in all WDD staff planning, including the 5-Year Strategic Plan
  26. Uphold CRCD’s mission & professionally represent the agency at assigned events.

• Bachelor’s degree in related field; or minimum four years of related experience
without formal education
• At least 2 – 4 years’ experience in providing job development, staffing or business
services in non/for profit organizations
• Experience, comfort, and desire to work with various vulnerable populations such
as re-entry, homeless, veterans, disabled, low-income, etc.
• Basic proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Ppt)
• Basic proficiency in data tracking systems and tools (e.g. MIS)
• Strong organizational skills to manage large caseload, data, and reporting duties
• Demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines
• Reliable, flexible team player who works well with minimal supervision, has a
good work ethic and can set and maintain personal boundaries.
• Demonstrated knowledge of participant community resources & services
• Reliable transportation, valid driver’s license, and car insurance as required by law

• Staffing/business services experience
• WorkSource Center service delivery experience highly desirable
• Dedicated experience in working with vulnerable populations highly desirable
• Bilingual in Spanish/English highly desirable
• Member of the target population a plus


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