Associate Director of Learning & Evaluation

The Learning and Evaluation department supports CRCD’s target of being a results-driven organization that provides high-quality programming. The Associate Director of Learning & Evaluation (L&E) is charged with supporting a range of organizational learning and data management efforts, including advancing the organization’s research, monitoring, evaluation, and organizational learning to inform program strategy. The Associate Director of L&E will support data management for all programmatic departments in the organization.  



  • Implement and supervise data collection, validation, and migration practices and procedures to ensure reporting is accurate, effective, and efficient. 
  • Support program staff in the evaluation and development of high-impact programs. Establish logic models, program flows, and performance measures and outcomes aligned to program goals and needs of the community. 
  • Supervise reporting manager and data analysts in completing monthly and quarterly progress reports. 
  • Create and supervise the creation of data monitoring tools, such as dashboards, rubrics, data flowcharts, etc., that align with existing tools (such as performance measures, logic models, etc.). Provide coaching, feedback, and training resources on visualization and reporting best practices.  
  • Provide supervision, coaching, and professional development to continuously improve organizational data tools and L&E data staff growth.  
  • Support in development and implementation of quantitative and qualitative evaluation and assessment protocols such as surveys, focus group interview guides, scorecards, fidelity rubrics, etc. 



  • Bachelor’s degree or 3-5 years of related experience. Experience working in a non-profit setting highly preferred. 
  • Two years of experience supervising personnel related to data systems and data analysis. Demonstrated leadership ability and ability to communicate effectively. 
  • Highly skilled in quantitative and qualitative analysis. Experience interpreting outcome and evaluation data for informed programmatic decision-making and improvement.  


SALARY:  $75,000-$78,000 /year, exempt  

REPORTS TO:  Senior Director of Learning and Evaluation, Learning and Evaluation department  


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