Business Coach

The Business Coach provides specific business advising and technical assistance to microenterprise and small business owners and/or businesses in all facets of starting, managing and growing a small business. The Business Coach will provide specific small businesses with expert advice, analysis and solutions that will enable existing businesses to sustain and expand.



· Provide one-on-one individualized business advising and technical assistance to microenterprise and small business owners and/or businesses; identify business needs and provide best practices to assist with stabilizing, recovering, and rebuilding their business.

· Manage the execution of the work plan to support businesses by analyzing the specific business and industry data in finance, marketing, management, and operations, supporting the development of business plans and financial packages, calculating, and interpreting financial statements; troubleshooting to identify problems and areas for improvement, operations management, and legal structures.

· Perform outreach to businesses, provide support, refer them to available resources and serve as business community advocate for recovery help.

· Identify other technical assistance providers that support the growth of small business and utilize those services as appropriate for client success.

· Assist with organizing and promoting high quality collaborative business training programs that are responsive to the needs of the business community.

· Maintain accurate, complete, timely and confidential client files in Salesforce database for review and reporting.



· 2 years of relevant work experience providing consulting, advising, coaching and technical assistance to micro and small businesses and organizations affiliated with entrepreneurial programs, small business programs, and/or economic development programs.

· Bachelor’s degree in business administration (B.A.) or related field marketing, finance, and management from a four-year college or university

· Demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills, including written skills, public speaking, active listening, attention to detail, creative problem solving, and the ability to handle difficult people.

· Possess the ability to prioritize, organize, coordinate, and complete complex tasks using independent judgment, accuracy, and speed.


SALARY: $60,000-$64,000 non-exempt

REPORTS TO: Program Manager, BusinessSource Center Department


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