Rental Assistance Supervisor

Department: Housing & Support Services
Reports to: Associate Director of Housing & Support Services
Status: Non-Exempt


Under the management of the Youth and Education Manager, the Rental Assistance Supervisor will strengthen housing stability in preventing homelessness for the Project Tipping Point (PTP) students. The Rental Assistance Supervisor will work with the Housing and Supportive Services Department to address housing needs to our foster youth population and connect students to housing resources that’s appropriate in fulfilling those needs by providing high-touch case management services, to accessing supportive service resources such as: housing navigation, rental assistance, childcare, etc. The Rental Assistance Supervisor will be responsible for the outcome in housing improvement and health and wellness needs to support the diverse population of our PTP students. The Rental Assistance Supervisor will continue to build on our existing relationship with the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services to help connect PTP students to the AB12 extended foster care program, as well as housing resources and referrals to internal or external services that addresses the needs of LA Trade Tech College, Compton College, and Southwest College students. The Rental Assistance Supervisor will also be responsible for tracking housing stability through placement outcome, staff observation and retention of stable housing support that prevent future episodes of homelessness while enrolled in PTP. Data will be tracked through CRCD’s internal data system and shared quarterly and/or annual through written reports and data analysis. The Rental Assistance Supervisor will interface withlandlords, accompany youth to housing appointments, and assist youth throughout the entire housing search and move-in process. Once the young person is in housing, the Navigator will assist them in developing an individualized action plan, with a focus on housing stability, and will connect youth to community-based services to meet their ongoing needs.

1. Responsible for working with PTP students to effectively assist in housing support, supportive service support, referrals, and Workforce Development services.
2. Assist in securing personal documentation to support with accessing supportive services.
3. Provide high-touch case management and housing stabilization services that address the needs and goals of their IAP, including but not limited to housing support, childcare, mental/physical health services, social service benefits, and legal services.
4. Build on existing relationship between CRCD, DCFS, and other supporting agencies that strengthen outcomes in housing and social service linkage.
5. Establish and cultivate relationships with landlords and other housing providers to build a portfolio of housing options for students.
6. Participate in care coordination meetings and other CRCD service provider related meetings.
7. Work closely with the Youth& Education Manager & CRCD’s L&E Team to input timely & accurate data into our ETO data system.
8. Compile and submit quarterly/annually reports that track client status and supportive services.
9. Maintain accurate client case files of all required eligibility documents.
10. Attend staff development training as assigned.
11. Able to travel to multiple sites providing services and support.

1. 1-2 years’ work-related experience or a bachelor’s degree; or an associate degree and 2 or more years’ experience providing housing-based support services to at-risk youth facing multiple barriers to housing stability.
2. Experience working with youth experiencing homelessness and housing instability, and/or have had experience in foster care, probation, mental health systems.
3. Reliable, flexible team player who works well with minimal supervision, who has a good work ethic, and an ability to set and maintain personal boundaries.


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