Substance Abuse Academy Program Coordinator

Department: Workforce Development Department (WDD)
Reports to: Associate Director of Housing & Support Services
Status: Non-Exempt


Under the direction of the Associate Director of Adult Workforce Development, the Substance Abuse Academy Program Coordinator will work with a team of staff and key partners to assist adult jobseekers within vulnerable populations (e.g. veterans, disabled, re-entry, homeless) to develop job-readiness soft skills and enter industry-training leading to living-wage careers. The Substance Abuse Academy Program Coordinator will provide one-on-one supportive services to individuals who are preparing to join the workforce as a Substance Abuse Counselors and/or in need of academic assistance. The Substance Abuse Academy Coordinator will assess basic needs, identify barriers to employment, develop an Individual Service Plan to address those barriers, and coordinate services, and provide participants with support in maintaining their employment. They will execute a coordinated, client-training partner focused approach within the Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) model that positively impacts the jobseeker, partner, organization, and community at-large.  The Substance Abuse Academy Program Coordinator will track and document all services provided as well as progress towards all grant outcomes.  They will coordinate and collaborate with all WDD staff, other departments within CRCD, and outside partners to ensure effective and streamlined services and delivery.  They will also enter, organize, and maintain accurate data, reporting, and main files for all participants to successfully meet all grant outcomes.  They will also support the organization’s 5-year strategic plan and work closely with management to ensure alignment and consistent progress towards those goals


  • Develop the Substance Abuse Disorder Career Training Academy model partnership structure would include an AJCC/Workforce Center (CRCD); Community College (East LA and/or Cuesta College), and lead employers including Amity Foundation, and others.
  • Provide orientations and career pathway information to interested community members including those with lived experience, prospective students, and incumbent staff.
  • Enroll 24 individuals as participants into WIOA, City General Funds, or Hire LA Funds Individuals will also be co-enrolled as community college students in one of the participating colleges.
  • Assist all participants to be enrolled as full-time community college students. Prospective students will receive intensive assistance in the college enrollment and financial aid processes. CRCD staff will work in partnership with local college support services to ensure the submission of all required forms and documentation.
  • Provide summer field work experience with subsidized employment or unsubsidized employment with identified employers with approximately 300 hours of paid work experience will be available to each participant. Incumbent workers will not have subsidized employment.
  • Provide On-going Personal/Professional Development – During the 18-month academy program, participants will be able to participate in personal/professional development classes emphasizing working with formerly incarcerated individuals, trauma informed care, and other classes.
  • Contact, receive and review referrals to Workforce Program from local schools, community-based organizations, and government agencies, including walk-ins
  • Facilitate program information sessions and orientation.
  • Assist with facilitation of the program’s employment readiness, leadership, and life skills workshops.
  • Track participant hours and attendance to meet the performance goal associated with the grant deliverables.
  • Coordinate work sites for participants to complete work experience hours.
  • Conduct work site walk through and training for all work site supervisors.
  • Collect and review participant timecards for completion and accuracy.
  • Pick up and distribute participant paychecks on the 5th and 20th of each month.
  • Uphold CRCD’s Mission Statement and 5 Year Strategic Plan 


  • 1-2 years’ experience or related work and/or BA Degree
  • Familiarity with the At-Risk population is a plus
  • Knowledge of database management and quality control process
  • Reliable, flexible team player who works well with minimal supervision, who has a good work ethic, and an ability to set and maintain personal boundaries
  • Demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, and to meet deadlines
  • Demonstrated knowledge of community resources


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