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Savannah came to us from Home At Last, an organization that helps transition individuals and families who are currently experiencing homelessness into permanent housing solutions. She was introduced to CRCD in 2021 and was referred to our housing and support services. With the support from one of our case managers, Savannah was able to get back on her feet and secure housing for herself. 

Savannah says: “CRCD helped me start a new life and being able to get my life together. I have learned to be humble and to appreciate the little things in life for example, being alive and waking up in my own place. I’m proud of being a woman and learning how to budget more of my income. Being humble and appreciating my housing. My biggest accomplish is being able to maintain my housing for 5 months.”

Savannah now aims to go back to school to obtain her high school diploma and pursue an associates degree to become a dental assistant. 

We are proud to serve individuals like Savannah and look forward to supporting her through her education journey. Go, Savannah!