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May 31, 2024 – Los Angeles – Today, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) was named the Construction Table Lead for the California Jobs First Los Angeles Collaborative. As the Construction Table Lead, CRCD will convene industry partners throughout Los Angeles County to understand the barriers to minority workforce participation, share best practices, and create a visionary path toward diverse and inclusive industry sectors. Together, they will address the challenges disinvested and systemically ignored communities face, develop strategies to overcome these barriers and promote economic growth for the region.

“We’re excited to take on this role as a trusted partner to move our economy forward in a just, equitable, and resilient way. Being named the Construction Table Lead for the California Jobs First – Los Angeles Collaborative acknowledges CRCD’s longstanding thought leadership within our community, recognizing our ability to engage with and understand community needs while meeting the training and knowledge requirements of the construction industry,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO of CRCD.

The California Jobs First – Los Angeles Collaborative will discuss key factors impacting employment, such as housing, childcare, job quality, and emerging green industries. By leveraging extensive economic research and robust community engagement through its table leads, the Collaborative aims to attract significant investments, create sustainable employment opportunities, and enhance the quality of life for all residents, particularly those in disadvantaged communities. Other tables include Green/Renewable Energy, Aerospace Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Bioscience, Video Production and Distribution, Healthcare, and Funding Strategies.

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Alex Medina

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About CRCD

Founded in 2005, CRCD is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in South Los Angeles. CRCD supports low-income residents and small businesses with jobs, education, training, affordable housing, and comprehensive support. Since its inception, CRCD has facilitated $160 million in investments, creating 464 housing units and additional development worth $665 million. CRCD’s initiatives include workforce development, reentry services, a homeless youth drop-in center, and social enterprise spaces. CRCD has connected over 4,000 young people with diplomas, jobs, and housing. Learn more at www.coalitionrcd.org.

About California Jobs First CJF aims to facilitate a sustainable and just rebound from the economic challenges posed by COVID-19. California Jobs First is dedicated to fostering diverse local economies and establishing sustainable industries that generate high-quality employment opportunities accessible to all Californians. In pursuit of this objective, a total of $600 million will be allocated across thirteen specified regions to support the formulation of tailored economic development strategies. These strategies foster the growth of quality jobs while ensuring equitable access to these opportunities. Our specific region, known as the Los Angeles High Road Transition Collaborative (LA HRTC), operates with the Los Angeles County Economic  Development Corporation as the Convenor and the California Community Foundation (CCF) as the Fiscal Agent.  To learn more about the Los Angeles California Jobs First, please visit their website at https://lacerf.org/