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Ashley is a senior preparing to graduate from Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School this Spring. After completing two internships, she was looking for more ways to keep herself busy. Ashley wanted an opportunity that prepared her for life after high school, specifically employment. With the help of a friend, Ashley found the CRCD program Jobs for Los Angeles Graduates (JLAG), funded by the Jobs for Americas Graduates network and was excited to learn about a program that can strengthen her skills and support and motivate her in her journey to find a job. 

Through JLAG, Ashley says she has learned how to think critically and outside the box. JLAG has taught her how to be more independent and prepare for college. She is proud to be part of a program that has given her support for real-life situations like financial literacy and time management. Furthermore, she appreciates her specialist’s individualized support and commitment to specific needs such as internet hotspots and EBT applications. Her specialist has been able to serve as a mentor to her, someone she has been able to turn to for support and advice. 

Ashley reflected on how much she has come out of her comfort zone during her time in JLAG and how the program has created opportunities to encourage this growth. Through JLAG events, Ashley has met other individuals in the program from other schools and learned about and connected with them. In terms of her future, Ashley has applied to UC San Diego, San Diego State, and Fresno State for sociology. She is looking forward to becoming more independent and learning more ways to budget during her life after high school.”