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Jahrell Thomas will be moving from the role of Chief Programs Officer to Chief Operations Officer effective immediately. In his new role, Mr. Thomas will work closely with the President/CEO while supporting Director level leadership at CRCD, overseeing Human Resources, Facilities, Learning and Evaluation, Marketing and Communications, and Fund Development with an overarching goal of securing the functionality of the business and driving extensive and sustainable growth. This includes programmatic projects and other special activities that magnify the CRCD company brand.

Born and raised in South LA, Mr. Thomas is a passionate advocate for his community. With a heart full of determination, he’s dedicated to creating a better future for everyone in the area. Through his innovative ideas, Mr. Thomas is tearing down barriers to employment and helping to create opportunities for residents to achieve family-sustaining wages. He’s a true champion for economic development, using his expertise to drive real change and stimulate growth in the community.

During his 18-year tenure at CRCD, Mr. Thomas has held a variety of positions. In his previous role as Chief Programs Officer, he successfully developed comprehensive workforce development programs rooted in trauma-informed care and reinforced best practice programming across CRCD Workforce Development Departments, including youth programs such as South LA YouthBuild (YouthBuild USA), Jobs for Los Angeles Graduates (Job for America’s Graduates), VCN YouthSource Center, and Project Tipping Point for current and former foster youth and the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department funded Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center for residents 18 years of age and older.

His oversight successfully facilitated special projects and local growth initiatives in South LA to bring expanded resources to the area. His keen insight has paved the way for expanded resources to become available in the area, benefiting the community in numerous ways.

Above and beyond his education and certification qualifications, Mr. Thomas has extensive experience in partner and funder cultivation that leads to stewardship and commitment of resources that “changes lives and builds neighborhoods responsibly.”

By working hand-in-hand with residents, businesses, and other stakeholders, Mr. Thomas is paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future. Mr. Thomas truly honors the statement, “It’s about CRCD’s mission, not about me.”