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Founded in South Los Angeles in 2005 with a contract from the City of LA for graffiti abatement, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) has grown into a multifaceted organization that aims to sustain, coordinate and improve local planning, development and community services that address the needs of low-income residents and small businesses. This holistic approach provides South L.A. residents with much-needed workforce development, education, housing and a social enterprise. CRCD began to develop affordable and permanent supportive housing in 2007 with on-site support services for transition-age youth, families and veterans experiencing homelessness, as well as for other low-income residents. Today, recognizing the need to own property in the community to secure a seat at the table, the organization owns and operates 13 properties—including three historic and culturally significant buildings—that together total 483 residential units and support more than 1500 people. Future projects in the pipeline, representing an investment of more than $700 million, will add nearly 1,400 additional units to the chronically underserved community. CRCD’s work is not only critical to the social, cultural and environmental sustainability of the South L.A. community, but a model of the way forward for all of Los Angeles.